Episode 48: IT

Sometimes the past does not just stay in the past, especially when it is a killer clown with a vendetta. To kick of the new season of The Naked Bones Podcast the girls covered IT by Stephen King. Please join them as they discuss themes, their favorite parts and the big differences between the book [...]

Episode 4 – The Shining

Whether you're into horror stories or just like a good laugh, you'll get that and more on this week's episode on the Naked Bones Podcast. The gals read the infamous novel by Stephen King, The Shining. And, watched the Stanley Kubrick's 1980 adaptation. From our favourite moments to scenes we would have changed, listen into [...]

Episode 2 – The Body

Episode 2 has arrived! Listen in to the conversation of friendship, adventure and these incredible characters in the book-to-film adaptation of The Body by Stephen King. This was our favourite book so far (even though it's only our second episode) and we highly recommend this book and film!