12 Days of Podmas

Merry Christmas, everyone! We hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season filled with food, good memories, and all the holiday things you can enjoy. This year, I wanted to try something different with the blog and feature podcasts that Alyssa and I have listened to throughout 2019.

Traditional, 12 Days of Christmas is from December 25th to January 6th. But, this year, we’re going to give you 12 podcasts that we enjoyed this year.

12 Days of Podmas

  1. Crime Junkie
  2. Wine & Crime
  3. Dark Poutine – True Crime and Dark History
  4. Another Book on the Shelf
  5. The NoSleep Podcast
  6. This Paranormal Life
  7. Star Wars Minute 
  8. U Up?
  9. Tiny Meat Gang
  10. Pioneers Podcast
  11. Mythical Monsters
  12. Female Criminals

These great podcasts filled the blank space of the boring days at work and days we really just wanted to hear a funny, scary or factual story.

What are your top podcasts this year? We’d love to listen to new podcasts in 2020. Let us know in the comments!

Love, Gin

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