Book Cooking Trials: Narnia

The other day I decided to make Turkish Delight. Cause as you may have read in my last post I want that Narnia style Turkish Delight. So! I found a recipe and decided to make my dreams come true. I tried it and it went….. horrible. It took forever to get the recipe going and when it finally did I spent the whole time asking myself “is it right?”

Well at the end you are supposed to leave it to set for around four hours. I let it set for about six. It did not set.

My heart was broken.

But just as Edmund sold out his siblings for some sweet delicious Turkish Delight. I will also.. well not sell out my siblings but I will work hard to find another recipe and try again. Will it work out? I hope so cause I need that sweet sweet Narnia Turkis Delight.

Yes, this is the start of a journey. Yes, I want you to come along for the ride.

I look forward to this journey with you



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