An Update: Where’s This Weeks Episode?

Yeah! What’s with that!? Sorry guys, Gin was sick, Geleena had finals and I also came down with yet another cold. In the end, the episode had to be delayed 😦 But do not despair! For it shall be out shortly… could be next week Monday. Which means we may not cover Inkheart (Did you just hear my heart shatter!?). If you still want us to cover Inkheart please let us know in the comments. If not we will move onto our next genre next month which fits into something we are doing in our personal lives oooOOOOoo. Stay tuned to hear what that is 😉

That is all the updates so far so please enjoy a group shot we took after our Snow White photo shoot.

All of us after Snow White Photo Shoot 1

Also, thanks for supporting us. We really appreciate it. I wrote more gooey stuff here but had to delete it for the cheese factor was way too high. Just pretend lots of nice words are here and did not make you vomit from the mushiness. But seriously, thanks for listening and not killing us when we miss an episode.

Much love, Alyssa.

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