Gin – The Beginning of an Adventure

Why did I start this section of the blog you ask? Cause I am obsessed with Gin. Well, actually it’s cause Gin doesn’t know how to say no to a project. Which is great for me and this podcast, but for her, it means she is a tired multi-tasking queen.

Gins activities consist of:

  • A full-time job as a content marketer
  • A part-time job at a youth drop-in center
  • The Naked Bones Podcast which consists of all the prep, media & recording
  • Kickboxing
  • Friend outings
  • Family outings
  • Rest time from all of the above.
  • Killing her enemies (just kidding that’s illegal)

In this section of the blog, I – Alyssa, will be keeping you up to date on the random life of Gin.

Today she went to Selkirk to pick up her family member, went to a baby shower, recorded episode 18 with me and is now listening to music. She is exhausted, but I wanna jam……We are off to a great start.

I will give more weird in-depth looks into the busy life of Gin in future posts. But for now please enjoy one of Gins top songs, Love is Mystical by The Cold War Kids.

With Love, Alyssa (your personal stalker – just kidding)

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