You’re My Safe Haven

After reading and watching Safe Haven we were inspired by this one portion of the book/movie where Jo says “take pictures, you only regret the ones you don’t take”. So we bought 2 disposable cameras and decided to document one of our days just hanging out being friends. It was the most fun we had so far this year which is great since it is only 2 weeks into 2019 🙂

Why did we choose disposable cameras? Because its cool to work with film and we are hipsters at heart. But also with a disposable camera, you don’t stand there taking multiple shots. You have one chance to get the moment and move on. It is also cool that you don’t get to see the shot instantly.

Also along that note, we can see Alyssa’s “dad style” photography skills with her finger going into the shot. To her defense she claims “it adds character”. We will let you be the judge.

Without further adieus here are our Safe Haven inspired pictures:

Go out and try this yourself! Tag us in your shots on Instagram! @nakedbonespodcast



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